Why You Need Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

Artificial grass suppliers in Surrey have noticed that they are getting busier and busier. People in the city of Surrey are wising up to the many benefits of artificial grass. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits.

Less Maintenance

Artificial grass suppliers in Surrey say that one of the key reasons that people go with synthetic lawns is the convenience they offer. There are a lot of busy households in Surrey and a lot of people don’t have time to maintain their gardens. In summer, we want to spend our time outside enjoying it,rather than doing chores like mowing the lawn. The convenience that artificial grass gives means that families get some of that time back.


Households with pets often look to getting synthetic lawns, say artificial grass suppliers in Surrey. Given that many households have dogs, there can be issues with the garden. Even though we love our pets, they often don’t take it easy on our lawns and we end up doing a lot of work on them. Artificial grass is much sturdier and will be able to handle dogs, leading it to be a popular choice with families in Surrey.

Great Value

Synthetic lawns offer great value. The initial price is seen as an investment. After that, you can reap its rewards. There is no need to spend time mowing or paying others to mow the lawn. Nor are there the costs involved in having to replant grass if it is dug up or damaged by animals. Lastly, you will save money on your water bill in summer, as you won’t need to turn on your sprinklers.

It Looks Good

Finally, artificial grass suppliers in Surrey looks great. You will hardly be able to tell the difference between artificial grass and living grass. And it will look great all year round. It will not go yellow and then brown in the summer if watering restrictions or a ban take effect, nor will it look limp in winter after heavy rain or snow fall.

To learn more about the many benefits of having a synthetic lawn in your garden, contact Turf Dealers, artificial grass suppliers in Surrey. We will be happy to give you more information on the synthetic lawns we offer, and show you some samples, so you can see for yourself just how good they look.

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