Synthetic Turf – The Best Investment for Your Surrey Home

You finally traded in that small one-bedroom apartment in the city for a nice condo in Surrey. Now that that is not just you and your partner, but a baby too, you need the extra space. It was tough to give up the place in Vancouver, but you know it is for the best. The only problem is you are not a big fan of yard work and this new condo has a small front and back yard. One of the things you loved about Vancouver was how low maintenance the apartment was, but that is all over now. Or is it? Why not find synthetic turf in Surrey to replace the grass in your new front and back yard. Synthetic Turf in Surrey has plenty of benefits to people who are trying to ease into suburban living. You will be surprised at how great an investment synthetic turf in Surrey can be if you go to the right place to buy it.

Low Maintenance

Synthetic turf is much easier to maintain than real grass. There is obviously no mowing involved, but you also don’t need to water it regularly or fertilize it. The most that needs to happen is that you brush it with a broom occasionally. Then when there is real dirt that needs to be removed, yous pray it down with a fraction of the water that is used to maintain a real lawn.

Low Environmental Impact

This might sound strange, but synthetic turf can be a greener option that real grass. This is because of the above mentioned reasons of no mowing or fertilizer, of course, but also because it uses less water and it can last up to 25 years if kept in good condition. You can do your part for the earth by not constantly maintaining a lush green lawn.

Looks Great

This is the final point. Your lawn will look amazing year-round. With all the great innovations that have been made in synthetic turf over the years, you will be shocked to see how realistic it looks and feels. You can have a great looking lawn that is no effort to keep green.

Congratulations on the next step in your life. This is going to be a big adventure as you learn new things about life. You are going to be very busy, so why not go to Turf Dealers and get a lawn that you don’t have to worry about for a long time.