Save Money and Time with Artificial Grass in Vancouver

As the cost of living seems to continuously increase in Vancouver, residents are looking at ways to cut down on spending, so that they can stay in the city. There are so many positives to living here, such as close access to nature, lots of great companies to work for, top rated schools and universities. However, nobody is denying that it is an expensive city to settle down in and we have to be smart with our spending if we want to live here long term.

At Turf Dealers, we can offer a premium product that saves you money and also has lots of other advantages. Artificial grass in Vancouver might not seem like something that you could benefit from financially, but let us break it down for you.

Save on Bills

At Turf Dealers, we’ve estimated that 50 – 70% of your monthly water bill goes towards watering your lawn. That is an extremely large percentage. When you get artificial grass in Vancouver, you do not need to water your lawn. This can mean halving your water bill, which can mean big savings, especially if you have a large lawn.

Save on Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a lawn can also be expensive, especially if you are short on time. Many of us have to pay others to mow and weed our lawn on a regular basis. You will not need to do this with artificial grass in Vancouver. In fact, artificial grass in Vancouver requires little to no maintenance, which can lead to savings in both time and money.

When people learn about the money and time savings associated with artificial grass in Vancouver, they can still be slightly cautious, as they are afraid that it will look fake and plastic. However, artificial grass in Vancouver looks exceptionally real and unless you are observing it very closely, it will be quite hard to tell the difference. What people may be curious about is how you are able to maintain such a full and lush-looking green lawn all year round!

Contact the team here at Turf Dealers to learn more about our product, prices and installation. We will be happy to give you a quote so you can work out yourself just how much money and time you can save with artificial grass in Vancouver when you get it installed on your lawn.