Looking for a Solution For Chafer Beetles Vancouver

Remember bed bugs? Those unrelenting little creatures that made us all worried that we might need to get rid of all bedding and clothing and even furniture that might have had contact with those pests. Well, say hello to the Chafer beetle. This is another relentless pest and it has come to Vancouver. Let’s talk about the chafer beetle for a bit and then talk about solutions for chafer beetles in Vancouver.

As is usually the case with these sorts of infestations, we do not know how the chafer beetle made it from continental Europe to Vancouver, but we do know they are here and we need to find a solution for chafer beetles in Vancouver before they ruin our lawns. That is because the chafer beetle eats the roots of the grass, causing the grass to dry up and die from lack of water and nutrients.

What is the Chafer beetle?

The European Chafer beetle, also known as the chafer grub, was first identified as present in the Vancouver area in 2001, in New Westminster, but is now feasting all over the lower mainland. What do they feast on? They feast on the roots of grass, causing it to dry up and die from lack of water and nutrients through the roots. It is for that reason they are pests to home owners and why you need to look for a solution for chafer beetles in Vancouver. There are animals that eat these pests, such as raccoons, skunks, crows, and more, but as they dig for chafer beetles in Vancouver they clumsily rip up and destroy the lawn, making it look even worse. This is not exactly the kind of front lawn look you want.

You can of course implement the use of pesticides, but these can lead to environmental problems that far outweigh your lawn problems, as the effective pesticides are also damaging to other beneficial insects and they also contaminate the soil, surrounding vegetation, and ground water. For this reason, some pesticides, like Merit, are banned in Vancouver, so there is a legal impediment too when looking for a solution for chafer beetles in Vancouver.

The best way to make sure you have chafer beetles is to have no live grass. This will eliminate their food source and thus eliminate them. Solook into installing artificial grass as a permanent solution for chafer beetles in Vancouver. It is safe for the environment and will not leave your lawn looking like a freshly ploughed field. Turf Dealers has experience with chafer beetle and can help you with your lawn needs when it is clear you have a problem.