Fake Grass in Vancouver: The Real Solution

Vancouver is known for its lush green landscapes. The mountains and the parks that surround the city are symbols of the lower mainland’s dedication to keep things as green as possible, not just in looks, but in ecological practices too.Vancouver is very recycling conscious and tries to keep water waste to a minimum. Self sustainable buildings are all the rage right now. Everyone wants to find out if they can make Vancouver the example of how we all can make the planet a better place. To do this, we might need to think outside of the box a bit. It is time we consider fake grass Vancouver. This could be the out of left field idea that helps keep our city green.

Few things have had such a bad reputation as fake grass in Vancouver, and it is completely without merit. Yes, in the past, fake grass looked terrible, didn’t look natural and it was basically a green plastic carpet for your back yard, but this is no longer the case. New fake grass can keep its lush green look for over 25 years if cared for properly and fake grass today is very permeable. It is the misconceptions that keeps people in the dark about fake grass in Vancouver, not the product itself. Before dismissing it completely, do some better research.

As stated above, the biggest innovation to fake grass has been making it permeable. This means it allows all the natural rainwater to soak into the soil underneath. This way, any trees or flowerbeds that need the water can get to it. What is even better, is that because the fake grass doesn’t need fertilizer or pesticides, none of those chemicals join the rainwater in the soil. The other bonus of having fake grass, is that you don’t need to water it constantly or mow it at all. This means you save tons of water and no unnecessary gas is being used. Fake grass is nothing new. Plenty of sports centers have seen the benefit of installing artificial turf on their playing fields.Gyms have been known to use fake grass to spruce up some of their sections. Fake grass is very durable and impact absorbent so it can even be safer than real turf.

If you have some more questions about fake grass that you want answered, call Turf Dealers. They have been in the business a long time and can tell you all about fake grass in Vancouver.