Environmentally Friendly Artificial Grass in Surrey, Saving You Time and Money

Artificial Grass Surrey

We spend all year waiting for summer to arrive so we can enjoy the outdoors, barbeques, beautiful BC beaches, and time spent with friends and family. However, it seems that the list of chores we need to manage during the summer months grows longer with the days. While we can’t help you with two kids who have soccer practice at the same time, at two different fields, we can help you spend less time caring for your yard, and save you money, with artificial grass in Surrey.

As you probably already know, caring for your lawn and keeping it looking healthy, lush and green, doesn’t come easily. Typical lawn maintenance includes mowing your grass, regular watering to keep it from drying out, aerating to ensure oxygen and nutrients reach down to the grass root, fertilizing, planting to fill in bald spots, and weed and insect control. Many of these lawn care needs are costly and time consuming, and while you can hire trades to take care of the work, the costs add up quickly. Watering your lawn alone can account for 50-70% of your total water bill.

Artificial grass is virtually maintenance-free and is available in a wide variety of styles. Yes, that’s right, just like selecting grass or sod, you can also choose the specific type of turf you like based on thickness, pile, colour, and function. Artificial grass is a beautiful, natural looking alternative to live grass, and once it is installed there is virtually no maintenance required. Get rid of the lawn mower and say goodbye to backbreaking work digging up weeds, the only thing you’ll need to do to keep your new article grass looking great is occasionally hose it off to remove dirt and debris.

Aside from saving you time and money, both of which could be better spent elsewhere, artificial grass in Surrey can also help save the environment. That may seem a little counter intuitive; how is replacing something natural with something artificial environmentally friendly? Well as we discussed earlier, natural grass requires a lot of maintenance to keep it healthy, green, and weed and bug free. Regularly watering your lawn to keep it healthy is a drain on already limited water resources. Additionally, most of the products used for fertilization, weed control, and pest control contain highly toxic chemicals that seep into our soil and run into our waters. When you replace your natural grass with quality, long lasting artificial grass, you are eliminating the water waste and the need for toxic chemicals.