Victoria, British Columbia, has a well-earned reputation for carefully manicured landscaping and gorgeous floral planters, particularly in the city center. Residents and businesses also want to keep up appearances and maintain their own neat landscaping, which can involve a lot of work and expense. Artificial turf in Victoria is an excellent alternative, which gives a property a beautiful, green, low-maintenance lawn. Turf Dealers is a premier artificial turf supplier in Victoria, with a range of artificial grass, synthetic grass, and landscape grass varieties for commercial and residential properties.

For real estate developments, golf courses, commercial landscaping, and fitness facilities and playing fields, our artificial turf is a fantastic alternative to living grass. The Turf Builders team offers expert consultation to understand your project’s requirements so that we can recommend the best artificial grass option for your needs


If a living lawn is your preferred option, natural sod in Victoria can give you a lush lawn, without the long wait for the seed to grow, and is an ideal solution for new home construction projects, large real estate development projects, and public green spaces. Choose our premium natural sod for a quality, lush green lawn, instantly.


Once you have chosen your turf grass or natural grass, it is time to consider installation. Watch our convenient video guides for how to install artificial turf and how to install natural sod, and if you would like further advice, or if you would like to use our artificial turf installation service, or natural sod installation service, contact us.

To keep your synthetic grass in top condition, we also offer artificial turf maintenance in Victoria. Our maintenance packages include either annual or bi-annual inspection, brushing, and topping up of sand where needed, to keep your landscape grass looking its best.

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