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Artificial Turf & Artificial Grass in Pitt Meadows

We are a leading provider of artificial turf in Pitt Meadows. We offer premium artificial turf for real estate, commercial properties, residential properties, sports fields, fitness centres, shopping malls, and more. Our artificial grass looks so real that identifying it as artificial is very difficult, even for the most discerning eyes.

Our artificial grass will make the visual appearance magnificent and add value to your property. Our artificial grass will look green all year round, and will save water, reduce pollution, and cut down on your utility bills. Artificial turf does not need water, fertilizers, and pesticides for healthy growth. It will also save you loads of time, as you will not have to waste your time on watering, monitoring, and maintaining the grass. Clean the grass turf with a soft-bristled broom once a week to remove the dirt and debris, and do pressure washing once in a while – that is all that is needed.

Our artificial turfs are soft in appearance and touch, but tough in their construction. They can deal with heavy use and bad weather. Artificial turf can deal with rough movements of players on sports grounds, as well as the jumping, running, walking, and playing of your children in your yard.

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