The city of Kelowna, British Columbia, is a beautiful city in the Okanagan region, with a moderate temperature that doesn’t get too cold in winter, or too hot in summer. The conditions are ideal for growing, and wineries and orchards abound in the areas surrounding Kelowna. These ideal growing conditions mean that grass thrives as well, which, of course means that it requires maintenance. Between watering, mowing, weeding, and fertilizer, grass is expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Artificial turf in Kelowna can save you time and money, providing a gorgeous, green, maintenance-free lawn. Turf Dealers is your premier artificial turf supplier in Kelowna, with a variety of artificial grass, synthetic grass, and landscape grass options to suit every property.

Our artificial turf solutions are ideal for real estate developments, golf courses, commercial landscaping, and fitness facilities and playing fields. Whatever your project, the Turf Builders team will consult with you on our requirements and recommend the artificial grass which will best meet your needs.


For new home construction projects, large real estate development projects, and public green spaces where a living lawn is preferred, natural sod in Kelowna can give you a lush lawn without waiting for seed to grow. Our premium natural sod gives you quality, deep green grass, instantly.


Whether you choose turf grass or natural grass, we offer installation advice and services. Watch our video guides for how to install artificial turf and how to install natural sod, and contact us if you need further instruction, or would like to take advantage of our artificial turf installation service, or natural sod installation service.

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